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The Case for Books

Aaron Hedge

Posted: Jun 9th 2008 4:02PM

Filed Under: Culture, Brown University

The newest trend in literature? Movies.

Publishers are turning increasingly often to new and innovative marketing efforts, including "book trailers." As their name would suggest, these short films broadcasted over the Internet are designed like movie trailers, meant to build excitement and interest for upcoming books.

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pop culture

'I'm So Excited... I'm So Scared!'

Aaron Hedge

Posted: Jun 2nd 2008 3:38PM

Filed Under: Pop Culture, Brown University

In the immortal words of "Saved By The Bell's" resident perfectionist, Jessie Spano, "I'm So Excited... I'm So Scared!"

Scared of what you ask? Elizabeth Berkley, the actress who played Spano for the four years of SBTB's television reign, has started her own advice site for teenage girls. While there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to help America's youth, Berkley is perhaps the last person I would think of when it comes to self-fashioning. Well, I guess that's not true. Amy Winehouse hasn't exactly been having a banner year...

Besides playing Jessie "Type-A" Spano on SBTB, Berkley is best known for her very...ahem... revealing role in the 1995 movie "Showgirls." Without going into the specifics of the soft-core porn film, suffice it to say that Berkley played an aspiring Las Vegas showgirl who scrapes by as a stripper while chasing her stage dreams. Seriously.

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Professional, Not Female, Politics

Aaron Hedge

Posted: May 28th 2008 12:20PM

Filed Under: Politics, Featured Stories, News, Brown University

Call me idealistic, but I want to see an election that's played out over policy initiatives. I want to know where my candidates stand on the issues. I want to know what they've done (not what they claim to have done) and what they're going to do and how. And I really could not care less about their personal lives and feelings.

I am a Hillary Clinton fan. Yes, one of the beleaguered bunch still hanging on to the hope that the toughest candidate, the one with experience, the one with a plan will end up in the White House come November. I am a Clinton fan, but I am not a Clinton zealot. I acknowledge that there are some harsh realities facing her campaign and I will earnestly entertain arguments suggesting she should drop out so that the Democrats can start to rally as one united group.

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Clinton, Obama lately mum on in-party competition

Aaron Hedge

Posted: May 23rd 2008 6:09PM

Filed Under: US Elections, Politics

The ever enjoyable bickering between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton over the Democratic ticket for the U.S. presidency is over, it seems, as both candidates have shifted their focus from attacking one another to focusing on the downfalls of the Bush brand of politics.

After nearly five long months of pointless arguing, the two are ignoring one another.

But it's not because they no longer claim to disagree on point after point -- Obama thinks Clinton is done, and Clinton is still trying to convince the public that she still has a chance at the ticket.

After the Kentucky and Oregon primaries Tuesday, when both candidates saw striking victories (Obama in Oregon, and Clinton in Kentucky), Obama briefly praised Clinton's efforts to bring women's interests into the spotlight, and then swept the issue aside to attack Republican candidate John McCain's stance on the economy, which Obama implied was naive.

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