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Bush Actually Not Nation's Worst President, Historians Say

Kaitlynn Riely

Posted: Feb 19th 2009 9:20PM

Filed under: Politics, Notre Dame, Breaking News

For all the Bush bashers out there who say George W. was the worst president America has ever had, hold up. C-SPAN has a rebuttal.

C-SPAN, the cable television network devoted to televising government proceedings, released its Historians Survey of Presidential Leadership a few days ago in honor of Presidents' Day.

According to the votes of 65 presidential historians, George W. Bush was the country's 36th best president. That would make him, with 42 presidents total in U.S. history, the 7th worst president.

So don't call him the worst, at least for now. Unless you are willing to tango with 65 historians who together say otherwise.

Bob Woodward,one of the journalists who covered the Nixon Watergate scandal for The Washington Post, once asked Bush how history would judge the Iraq War. "History," Bush responded. "We don't know. We'll all be dead."

He'd probably be surprised to see this survey. (By the way, Nixon was ranked 27th overall).

After the jump, let's take a look at the rest of the list.Everyone's favorite president, Abraham Lincoln, came in first, followed by George Washington and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. James Buchanan came in last, at 42.

The historians also ranked the presidents in terms of 10 leadership characteristics. Bush didn't do that well on the rest of the tests, but Bush-bashers, let it be known, he was never the worst.

In the area of public persuasion, Bush was ranked 30th. FDR was first and James Buchanan last.

In the area of moral authority, Bush was 35th, George Washington was first and Buchanan last.

In the area of relations with Congress, Bush was 36th, FDR was first, and Andrew Johnson was last.

In the area of performance within the context of time, Bush was 36th, Lincoln first and James Buchanan last.

In the area of crisis leadership, Bush was 25th, Lincoln first and Buchanan last.

In the area of vison/ setting an agenda, Bush was 25th, Lincoln was first, and Buchanan last.

In the area of economic management, Bush was 40th, Washington was first and Buchanan last.

In the area of administrative skills, Bush was 37th, Washington was first and William Henry Harrison last.

In the area of pursued equal justice for all, Bush was 24th, Lincoln was first and Buchanan last.

In the area of international relations, Bush was 41, George Washington was first and William Henry Harrison last.

William Henry Harrison died after 32 days in office, so is it really fair to count him? I don't think so.

Bush bashers, if you want to say Bush was the worst president in the area of international relations, I'll let that slide.

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