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Palin Seeks $11M Book Deal, but Can She Read?

Matt Negrin

Posted: Jan 25th 2009 1:59AM

Filed under: US Elections, Politics, Boston University, Media

One can only imagine what Republican rising star Sarah Palin could possibly write about in her memoirs. The true story behind Todd's goatee? Which makeup is the most mavericky? Untold stories from the six colleges she attended as an undergrad?

Whatever's going to be in the book, the former VP candidate is asking for an $11 million book deal, and has hired a famous Washington lawyer to get it for her, the Los Angeles Times revealed. (That's more than Laura Bush's less-than $2 million, Bill Clinton's $10 million memoir and Hillary Clinton's $8 million deal.)

The figure is obviously a bit staggering, given Palin's inability to construct simple sentences in subject-verb format. That's probably what prompted left-leaning MSNBC host Chris Matthews to blatantly state, "If she can read, if she can write, she's gonna make some money."

"The big question is," Matthews determined, "Who's gonna actually write the Palin book? The only politician I know who can write is Barack Obama."

To answer Matthews's question: Yes, Sarah Palin knows how to read. In fact, I believe she's very well-versed in biblical studies, having plenty of knowledge to declare that dinosaurs and humans in fact co-existed.

Although when Katie Couric asked the Alaska governor which newspapers she reads to know what's going on outside of her bubble, Palin was too stunned and couldn't think of any. (She figured it out a few days later and declared that she can read a few upper-level publications, among them The Economist.)

No doubt people will ask why this is all newsworthy more than two months after she failed to help John McCain win the election. The simple answer is because Palin appears to be trying to stay in the spotlight as much as she can, as her fans urge her to consider a 2012 presidential candidacy.

Yet top endorsements for her are hard to come by, especially following a GOP ticket that many people say she hurt more than helped. Even her knight in maverick armor, McCain, wouldn't endorse her over other Republican governors.

Aside from telling her life story to stay in the news, Palin has lashed out at the media again, this time for reporting about her children. Though politicos have pointed out that publicity is a two-way street: You can't thrust your kids in front of cameras to bolster your "family values" without expecting journalists to report on who your family really is.

Finally, remember Palin's $180,000 wardrobe that she said would be donated to charity after the election? Turns out all the clothes have been stuffed in trash bags at the RNC's Washington headquarters.

Though if Palin doesn't clean up her mess, her clothes won't be the only things in the garbage.

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