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Palin's Unflattering Newsweek Cover

Megan Baker

Posted: Oct 9th 2008 8:48PM

Filed under: US Elections, Politics, St. John Fisher College

Sarah Palin is featured on the cover of Newsweek's October 13 edition. It is an extremely close up picture, and it is not retouched. That, paired with the title "She's One of The Folks (And that's the problem)" is causing quite a stir.

Newsweek is being criticized because they have had past covers featuring Barack Obama in which he almost appears to have a halo over his head. Many people are taking it as Newsweek showing blatant favoritism towards the Democratic ticket, a bias that should be left out of "true" journalistic mediums.

It is interesting that they decided to put an un-retouched picture on the cover. But some are wondering if Newsweek is insulting common Americans by insulting Sarah Palin's "folk-iness."

Jon Meacham writes
, "Whether one agrees or disagrees with his politics, there is no arguing that McCain is qualified to be president of the United States. But there is plenty of argument about Palin's qualifications. Why should we apply a different standard to the vice president who would stand to succeed him?"

This is a viable question.

What makes people think that Sarah Palin is at all qualified to be vice president? Do Americans hold vice presidents at a different standard than presidents?

This was definitely brought to question after the vice presidential debate. All Palin and Biden discussed were their running mates and who would make a better president. They didn't really touch upon who would make the best vice president.

One would think that voters would want to hear more about the president's right hand man (or now in this case, woman). The vice president isn't just some figurehead. Biden or Palin is going to be there helping make decisions, dealing with foreign leaders right alongside Obama or McCain.

In making the voting decision, it's definitely not just about who is on top of the ticket. That second name matters too...and in a big way.

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